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Black Diamond, C-Liquid



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Black Diamond C-Liquid

Feel great everywhere you go with Black Diamond vape liquid.

Anywhere you can vape you can enjoy the effects of our new blend, Black Diamond. It’s the smoothest and strongest that we have and we are always tinkering to make it better.

Fly-High Factor

  • Strength * * * * *
  • Long-lasting * * * *
  • Energy * * *
  • Empathy * *
  • Euphoria * * * *
  • Trippy * * * * *
  • Chill out * * * * *

Please view our terms and conditions when placing an order thoroughly. These products are for Lab Research Only. You must be at least 18 years old to purchase from our site and as with all our products, they are strictly not for human consumption.

Our products are highly concentrated and potent. Use with caution.
All of our products are for in vitro research purposes only and not for human consumption.

213 reviews for Black Diamond, C-Liquid

  1. mateoradocaj12

    Quality, smell, strength, euphoria. There is no better than C-Liquid. I recommend everyone

  2. milanovicante101

    Wow. This new relaxing fluid is a new modern thing to enjoy in the smoke. I like it.

  3. Giovani

    Miglior liquido in Europa… sito molto serio assistenza immediata
    Il mio ordine è partito il giorno stesso ed è arrivato il giorno successivo con 2 boccette in più
    Comprate da loro

  4. aewfefwfwq

    What a great buzz. I Love this stuff, its so easy to use, you can easily be puffing away in public getting baked of your head and no one knows nothing.

  5. sir-smokealot

    Great Product, worth a try esp if you get tested.

  6. thomas

    Pretty smooth and super relaxing blend. In my experience, it has been very euphoric, relaxing, and a bit trippy. I really like it.

  7. jackhackson

    It lasts long so I do not think I will be buying it again and again. Anyway, it is very strong and smooth at the same time so it is pretty good.

  8. DjJack92

    Great product. Super potent. I love it.

  9. Peter J

    I really love the scent and the good feelings it gives me. Fantastic vape liquid.

  10. Predrag

    I have been using flightams products for 5 years. This vape liquid is by far the best product I have found online. At first I was looking online for something that will help me sleep (I had a bad case insomnia). I tried several products with no luck but was extremely happy when I found this. I am using it every day, everywhere, like normal nicotine liquids. In my pub, when I go to cinema, etc… 1 month ago in Greece, I was using it on the beach for 10 days… you can imagine how my vacation was. Sometimes I am mixing it with a normal liquid for e-cigs if I want to tone it down (daily use for example). If you do your own research for these type of liquids, you will see the huge difference (in quality and price) between flightams and others. This is my GO TO place for vape liquids, for great taste, buzz and chill!

  11. Alessandro M.

    Its fantastic,I noticed that it relaxes a lot and leads to mental calm

  12. Anonymous

  13. Anonymous

    Honest company and fast deliveries, the product is banging 🔥

  14. nedaskan

    I thought this was a scam, but this is some good shit really really strong, it’s so strong it knocked out my friend for 10 mins, good times

  15. Anonymous

    its good

  16. Juan Carlos

    Simply the best, perfect bounce between the high and the stability, stoned but still functional ! 👌👌

  17. MATIJA M.

  18. Norberth S.

    Det er det bedste jeg har prøvet nogle siden Hold da op Hehe der er slet ingen der lægger mærke til man er høj når man er uden for det lugter godt Ja det virker os godt huld hus ud her fra 5 stjerner

  19. Abdulrahman O.

  20. Sophie

    This stuff is the best ! Top quality 😁😁

  21. Brian

  22. Anonymous

    My favourite.

  23. Nedas

    Really good gets you stoned high and relaxes your whole body

  24. Anonymous

    nice juice amazing great feeling

  25. Vámosi Zsolt

    Very. Nice packet no problem

  26. Anonymous

    From all i tried thats the best

  27. Anonymous

    Good product… sweet effect…. good service and shipping faster… thanks

  28. Stelios

    Very strong and relaxing

  29. Majd

  30. Juan Carlos Velez Anfor

  31. Norberth Sørensen

    Elsker det ville ønske det var her i DK

  32. Raphael James


  34. Andrea

    Vero good

  35. Tony

    Excellent ! product does its job well and very pleasant I recommend this product 100%

  36. Sophie

    I absolutely love it! Top quality service

  37. Karl

    Awesome stuff and best prices on the net with rapid delivery 😃

  38. Anonymous

    make my heart pump to fast; for 5 stars across the board i wish i could puff without that happening

  39. Herbert

    Very very nice, Good product, Good Shipping, Good Quality, Good Website, Keep up the good work guys. Thank you

  40. Anonymous

    Best stuff ever, got it finally. Best thing out here. I’ll be ordering regularly.

  41. Anonymous

  42. Anonymous

    good stuff

  43. Anonymous

    ‘heel goed houw er van ✌️

  44. Iakovos

    Loved it. Amazing taste.

  45. pson200

    Perfect substitute for weed, only thing is the longevity of the mellow feeling could be a bit longer. Nice discreet packaging and timely shipping, will be a return customer.

  46. Solomon U.

    One of my favourite , very nice and relaxing


    This one is my favorite. It makes me feel like i have drunk one bottle of alcohol! So be careful cuz its too strong. I love flightams they are the best!

  48. Sophie Page

    Fantastic service yet again! Love love these guys!!

  49. Alessio Berrino

  50. Infantolino cristiano

  51. Juan Carlos V.

    Its something simply wonderfull if you want to stop smoke weed and you dont know how…

  52. Adam B.

    Not as strong as the mad hatter but great for someone looking for something relaxing and that happy feeling. Package has always got to where I have them sent. I have no problems ordering again and again. Thank you

  53. Tony

    Excellent cannot say enough go nowhere else ! Flight ams is the place .

  54. Anonymous


  55. Anonymous

    Strong stuff every time I order man
    S Man

  56. Liam Reyes


  57. gloogle28

    Vaping this one right now… When I use this1, I have never succeded to write my comment to the ensdfghjklfghjk

  58. Abel

    It would be good if I ever received it. Checked the address and all ordered almost a month ago

  59. Alessio Berrino

    Top quality . Buy everyone from my bro Flightams!

  60. Stephen O.

    A big bang in the head staying at home stuff,nice clean smoke flavor good

  61. Anonymous

  62. Shardian C.


  63. Raphael Udoma

  64. Tony

    As always excellent !

  65. Anonymous

    I like it

  66. Anonymous

    good very strong

  67. Predrag E.

    Everything good as usual. Got another present again. 👍👍

  68. Anonymous

  69. Anonymous

    Great party, strong five star liquid.

  70. mohamed hejazi

  71. Joseph Getachew

  72. Alessio Berrino

    Buy everyone from My bro. Excellent product

  73. Rui

    very good

  74. Anonymous


    As far as i can say for ITS GREAT man

  76. Paul H.

    Hi guys your Black Diamond vape liquid is the BEST very happy.Transfering money interstate is difficult i find and delivery can be slow.KEEP up the good work.

  77. Stephen O.

    Intense at first but mellows into a nice night time buzz( make sure to have munchies on hand)

  78. Dylan

    Amazing oil bought over and over again

  79. Predrag

    As a regular customer (weekly orders) I am very satisfied again.

  80. Anonymous

  81. mikkel e.

    super potent as most of the stuff, i only got good things from you 🙂

  82. Markus

    The products are the Favorite on the market , its very Strong my no. 1 … only …
    Make lot of fun every time on day.
    Service 1A Same the products
    Hope you have much luck , so you make Many Lucky …

  83. Anonymous

    Great quality, great service, fast delivery, amazing service

  84. Anonymous

    Best in the business

  85. Sophie

    Absolutely love this! Excellent customer service too!

  86. Anonymous

    Very relaxing

  87. David D.

  88. Markus

    Best liquid ever !!! I Love it , and this Shop …
    First class e liquid this Not for rookies ! Get smashed
    Only i can say every time all products are Great the Service is Perfect and me make s all time fun to buy on this Shop it s fantastic products , make s me all time Lucky i wish this People on this Shop much luck
    Flight ams rulez
    Best Shop ever the guys from this Shop make very Good work
    Thx for give your Shop it s the greatest !

  89. H B.

    Top quality oil, makes you feel so relaxed and is definitely the best I’ve smoked for the price!! Will be ordering more😊

  90. happyjackb22

    Absolutely lovely stuff not for the faint hearted this is my second order and the delivery and service is second to none, fantastic work.

  91. Nicolò

  92. Predrag

  93. Hussain Sheibani

  94. Daniele

    Very good taste. Good high for relax. The company is serious and rapid for the delivery. I’m satisfied.

  95. Cafer

    Satisfied 😁

  96. Predrag

    Today I got my new order. And what a surprise… Quality of the product is top class, as usual.

    But, instead of my regular order, I received a double order! I mean… not only the product is the best in Europe (I have tried liquids from different countries including UK), but service is also phenomenal.

    Flight AMS, you have got yourself a lifetime member for sure.

  97. Markus

    Der Shop wie die Produkte sind erstklassig , ich kann alles nur empfehlen und sagen alles ist im premium Bereich , schnelle Lieferung und wirklich tolle Produkte das Black Diamond liquid gehört zu einem meiner Lieblings liquids aber eigentlich sind alle top und 1a
    Flight AMS rulez

  98. michael jordan

    The high is so close to THC weed it’s unbelievable and it’s more controllable

  99. Matas G.

    This liquid trippy as hell

  100. Graeme C.

  101. Stephen O.

    Quick and fast start but a nice slow landing ,nice

  102. al wallace

  103. Boris Trbojevic

  104. Anonymous

  105. Markus

    Sehr gutes liquid nichts für Anfänger

  106. Bas elsen

    Not as good as the last patch

  107. Ricardo Filipe Martins

  108. Stian Paulsen

    Awsome juice a litle bit trippy this one😀🙁😀

  109. Cafer A.


  110. Mark Withington

  111. steven allen

    Arrived today and , Booooom , definitely be ordering more , the best way to unwind 💥💥💥💥💥

  112. Adam Floyd

    Amazing. Great, friendly, polite and prompt service.

  113. Kristian


  114. Kevin Brearley

    Brilliant stuff defo getting more

  115. Andrew L.

    Good shit

  116. Saeed C.

    Bitches gettin crack im gettin BLACK DIAMOND

  117. Anonymous

    Strong use with caution!

  118. T James

    The Truth, The Best

    I recently first tried a thc liquid from a local plug, long story short it was not as good as people had said.
    So I searched for something else after being let down and it led to this. I was hesitant to order at first but after persuading myself I should try I WILL NEVER GO BACK!!
    please order these because I swear to you this liquid is like no other, it will get you 5 star stoned.
    Also, I accidentally placed the order twice but after a couple emails with them a refund was set in place with out any complications, great service and were here sooner than expected

  119. Serguei

    10 stelle veramente ottimo

  120. steven a.

    Out of this world 👌

  121. Ahmed H.

  122. michael j.

    Great service great product and very fast delivery

  123. Marcus white

    Decent totally worth it

  124. alison

    More mellow than mad hatter. Good flavour and gentle buzz

  125. Anonymous


  126. steven

    Love love love

  127. tmadejski

    Great Service, Great Communication,Awesome Product, Fassssst Service!!!Thank You FightAMS!!!!You guys are no joke!!!

  128. Cafer A.

    Great product and excellent service.

  129. Cafer A.

  130. Shaun Peoples

  131. Kieran Harkus

    Had the strawberry milkshake and it was outta this world. Taste was phenomenal and got me and my mates so chilled and relaxed.

  132. Serkan Akyurek

  133. Steve V.

    Better then this is possible not more possible, and I mean that in a good way.
    But I feel as if they are ‘tempered down,’ compared to the Sloth Juice we could order a few years back.
    These C-liquids have a ‘brake’ in how much you can take, like some opiod medicine with an opiate-antagonist in it.
    But it’s still a more then descent enough high. At least, it is what you are looking for when you want to smoke weed but haven’t any.

    I would not recommend this for party’s, cause you might feel socially anxious, but in private, when you know everything is well and watch a good movie. (and nothing can go wrong)
    The taste of the liquid is very ‘glassy’ and after a period of use, you could say it refers to a crystal-like taste.
    Yes, Diamonds.

    Good stuff, next order is under way.

  134. Hussain Sheibani

    Will its super staff thing I keep you so coool love it

    Looking forward to get anther one

  135. Paul Beard

    I got this company wrong cuz these people are good good people and good product fair play

  136. Anonymous

    In my opinion the best in the website

  137. Cafer Akincay

  138. Anonymous

  139. Sophie R.

    Amazing!!!! Chills me out and give me a good head

  140. manfre.atsea

    Awesome products, awesome support, top service

  141. Hussain Sheibani

    I love to product its the best in hat as you where here and hot here lol hahahah

  142. Ilari Järvinen

    The best!

  143. Ahmed H.

    Trust me its great thing give it a try

  144. Stropsapoel79

    I am just recieved the black strong and little trippy also the effects are long I like it very much :)) thank you again guys :))

  145. Anonymous

    One the best besides mad hatter will order more shipping was super fast via dhl express many thanks for working through them

  146. siras564

    super relaxing high, awesome products, buy don’t hesitate.

  147. Anonymous

    Awesome product, super high, definetely going to buy more

  148. Vanessa Thomas

    So far EXTREMELY WELL. I did not receive the first shipment due to an error with the carrier. Reached out to Flight AMS and they immediately reshipped the order with no hesitation. Will update on Reddit and here once I receive the order.

  149. Shaun Peoples

    This in my eyes is the best I’ve had Ever and the website are great with customers

  150. Anonymous

    Gets me wackedddd

  151. Claire S.

    Perfect, felt so happy and had a positive effect on my moods especially my anxiety.

  152. Matthew

    Good, Thicker than Mad Hatter (VG) – very good for use with RDA.

  153. Hussain Sheibani

    Lovely feeling Pretty smooth and super relaxing blend. In my experience, it has been very euphoric, relaxing, and a bit trippy. I really like it.

  154. Ali Anan

  155. Hussain Sheibani

    Nice hit its cool

  156. Anonymous

  157. Big Mike

    FlightAMS is 100% Legit!!!
    I had my doubts when I first ordered from them whether or not i would get the desired products and how they would work. They came through on their promise and the product is by far the best that I have ever had! Black Diamond and mad hatter are both incredibly potent and provide a super chill high that won’t show up on the most commonly used tests. I highly recommend doing business with them and will be exclusively ordering from them in the future!

  158. Anonymous

    I paid 200 € and the stuff got on hold and its been 2 weeks now did NOT get anything yet even the money they rejected to refund my money sooo watch out!!!!!!

  159. snake-eater100

    I made many orders at this guys. small orders and big orders, For more than a year I am ordering at them.
    Always went perfect… These guys have so many satisfied costumers and I can guarantee that the product is perfect.
    IT IS synthetic cannabinoids so of course you have to know how to handle it.
    But from all the SC I have ordered from the internet, this one is Far the BEST you can get.
    So if somebody did not get his order, I am sure it is not the fault or blame of FlightAms. They do their work perfect.
    In the corona months I was worried because a while you could not order. But now their back and back with a even more better formula.
    Thumbs up for FlightAms and keep up the good work.

  160. dawid3920

    Amazing strawberry milkshake flavour, nice and strong buzz. 4 day delivery absolutely fab. 😀

  161. Justin case

  162. Martin N.

    Nice taste, good buzz

  163. Dylan

    Honestly the best c-liquid on the market ! And the cheapest too 🙂 any flavor you want, the effect is the same 😉 relaxation ! Highland ! Haha

  164. steven

    Definitely the sleepiest one 💥

  165. mark

    Very strong powerful stuff

  166. Bryan

    This stuff is great. Tastes good and packs a punch. Very relaxing. Great at the end of the day

  167. Kevin

    very good high. mixed this with mad hatter and it was an amazing blend.

  168. Kevin Brearley

    Great stuff 👍

  169. Anonymous

    Really amazing clean stuff also shipping and package are well done professional

  170. Shaun Peoples

    It’s an oryt smoke it’s my favourite 🙂

  171. turahn

    I just tried black diamond and man this stuff is very potent! I used a small squirt into about a half full vape tank. After about 2 hits I was DONE. The high was pretty intense! I was nearly in a trance just watching TV and snacking. This stuff if awesome. But be careful with it. It’s easy to become too high! But it’s great.. smells great, smooth but will knock your socks off. Lol great product. Good job flightams!!

  172. Marco

    Best vape, best customer service, best product.

  173. Nicole L.

    Another great product yet again, Flight Ams doesn’t disappoint. Honestly a satisfied customer, shipping is easy and quick.

  174. Anonymous

  175. Sascha

  176. mikkel ertmann

    The best vendor i found yet. Really reliable and never a compilation from here 🙂 and the best juice i think black Diamond 🙂

  177. Jacklyn B.

    Very smooth

  178. tjrstevenson

    Ordered some of the Joker liquid and it’s just as good as the black diamond! I tend to mix when I order now, keep up the great work guys!!!

  179. tjrstevenson

    I only use this site to order my liquids, amazing customer service as I accidentally ordered twice and they contacted me first saying “ did you mean to order twice, if not we will refund it” . And they kept to their word and money was back in my account the following day

  180. tjrstevenson

    👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽Don’t know how they do it, no where has got it to me in less that 3 days but somehow they have! I didn’t realise it was the liquids because it arrived so quick!😁 just order another 10🤪🛒

  181. tjrstevenson

    Arrives super quick, gets me super high- cannot fault it👍🏽🤩

  182. Yasir Munir

    Pretty Decent.

  183. Dennis

    Trustworthy. Good. Felt nausea the day after.

  184. Cory Bates

    This was a dud. Literally threw out the entire batch the same day I received it. I bought 3 5ml bottles and tried each. I was very disappointed in the entire batch. The taste was OK, but had absolutely no effect. Will not buy again. Will recommend no one purchases. 0.0/10

  185. John martin Markhus


  186. dawid3920

    AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE! My parcel went missing and these guys resent my order along with a free sample 😀 these guys are the best!!! Delicious tasting c-liquids with strong buzz for me to enjoy 🙂 Thank you very much Flight AMS for providing top quality service and products!

  187. Anonymous

  188. Anonymous

    Shit goes crazy

  189. atspats123

    Very good and relax stuff.

  190. alexmand2

    Chill out!

  191. Derrick

    Very nice product!

  192. Anonymous

    Excellent vape product and does not disappoint. Highly recommended
    Fast shipping as well

  193. Charles Foster

    I still Have not received my order..if its lost can you reinburce on my BOA Mastercard .thank you

  194. steven

    Taste great is great

  195. ashymfc

    This is some buzz. Ordered 3 bottles and got a free bottle of mad hatter too !!! Order took 7days to reach the UK. Ordering more right away

  196. Sascha Nirschl

  197. Marco

    Always the best

  198. Anonymous

  199. Aggelos K.


  200. eddie-drew-09


  201. tat1006027360

    Strong 💪. Ordered multiple more of different flavours.

  202. ytcolbster

    Best spice out there very strong, all flavors very good overall perfect.

  203. aggeloskouts

    Maybe the best out there with Madhater!!!thanks FLIGHTAMS for this 👌👌👌👌

  204. pedjaerac

    As usual, I received my package (tropical) and again I received some presents. Quality is usually great, this is my 5th year ordering. Best in business.

  205. aggeloskouts

    Amazing product!!!!!!!!!!

  206. xristosmpo19-6368

    The items are great as is the service! Thank you for the gift 🙂 🙂 Keep up the good work guys!

  207. nasos.dimitriou

    It’s very nice although doesn’t last too long. It’s smooth and has great taste and aroma. Best for when you socialize and being functional but still want to toke up

  208. murphybbrown08

    This stuff is amazing.

  209. murphybbrown08

    The product I ordered was only 5 mL which normally would last me a few hours but it ended up lasting about three days…i was so surprised how strong the liquid is, but it’s very pleasant effects seduce you into a magical wonderland, where it takes you down the rabbit hole with Alice. I absolutely love this product and will become a repeat customer for life. Thanks flight ams team for allowing me to become a lifelong customer…the effects were subtle at first, then quickly evolved into the walls melting around me, amazing…and i have had some of the best sleep experiences ever while using. Just be prepared, time will accelerate quicker, but you will wake refreshed. I believe this product deserve more than five stars, and i abbsolutely cant wait until my next order will shipp…im hoping for it anyday now.

  210. mtmtmt

    Good Shit not so Strong as Indica But very Good , if you dont neeed to be dead smoke this

  211. bowe89declan

    Absolutely love this shop, once again another quality product at reasonable price from AMs, this shop never let u down and value there customers no matter how much you buy, these guys put other shops to shame, always guaranteed good customer service, highly recommended

  212. udo.hemminger

    Einfach Tip top bester Shop ever 😁👍👍

  213. hocquettev

    Le meilleur produit VAP est ici !! Et avec une livraison super rapide je recommande à 109%

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