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Blueberry – Herbal Incense France

  • Quality Herbal Incense
  • Proprietary Synthetic Cannabis
  • Independently Tested
  • Ships Fast and Discreet

Blueberry Incense Aromatherapy Characteristics

Always a hit, blueberry is one of our most popular proprietary blends. Get the essence of berry in your burn. Its profile has a bold, sweet fruit aroma with notes of clove and dried hardwood.

Blueberry Herbal Incense

Herbal incense is the legal high you’ve been searching for. Blueberry is just one our herbal incenses for sale online. Buy a gram, or buy a kilogram. You can even buy herbal incense in bulk at wholesale prices. Just shoot us a quick message.

Blaze Up & Enjoy

Blueberry has a calming and stimulating effect. That means you can relax and still concentrate and focus. Blazin’ up berries is great in the daytime, or anytime you want a nice burn with blueberry aroma.

Blissed Out!

A little goes a long way with this one! It’s only for those who seek a serious session. Flight AMS’s incense is guaranteed to get you blissed out and blazed up.

Medicinal Benefits

People suffering from PTSD, Multiple Sclerosis, Arthritis and a range of other conditions enjoy benefits from our Incense.

Relax Into Freedom

Professionals in all industries enjoy the benefits of herbal incense aromatherapy. Take back your freedom and live life the way that you want.

Powerful Shit

Herbal incense is infused with potent and concentrated synthetic cannabinoids. Its psychotropic effects are super intense. Just sit down, kick back, and space the fuck out. Guaranteed

Flight AMS

Flight AMS doesn’t just sell the best herbal incense and spice. We also have super potent liquid herbal incense for vapes. Check out our other herbal incense products linked below.


Our products are highly concentrated and potent. Use with caution.

All of our products are for in vitro research purposes only and not for human consumption.





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Our products are highly concentrated and potent. Use with caution.
All of our products are for in vitro research purposes only and not for human consumption.

7 reviews for Blueberry

  1. mateoradocaj12

    Prefin smell of blueberries and taste mmm …
    Just too fine.

  2. Braintoast (verified owner)

    To kathimerino mou. To latreuw einai kataplhktiko. To sustinw se olous mporeis na to kaneis olh mera xwris problhma. +5

  3. mauro.icardi

    One of the best aromatherapy products I have ever used. Has a sweet and bold aroma and it sure takes me on a slo-mo roller coaster ride every time I use it.

  4. yankeeineurope

    I have PTSD from some tours I did in the past. And using this has genuinely helped to stop some of the pain and the nightmares I had in the past. It provides the kind of relaxation every veteran like me could really do with especially at night.

  5. StephLau (verified owner)

    Damn this shit is good.

  6. A.Conte (verified owner)


  7. Tomic Bertens (verified owner)

    Has a very sweet blueberry aroma. And it simultaneously stimulates and relaxes so It pretty dope that way.

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