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This is our all new GOLD CBD oil, its got all the great properties of CBD oil but gives you a bit of a buzz all at the same time. So you can see why it’s becoming very popular.

Taken from marijuana or hemp plant, CBD Oil or Cannabidiol is a substance that has excellent qualities when used as a vape. CBD is a non-psychoactive oil without the negative effects of THC, the ingredient that gets people “high” when they smoke marijuana.

This oil, when taken from the marijuana plant, may have more than a trace of THC. However, when the oil is taken from the hemp plant, it is totally safe and also legal around the world. Currently, CBD oil Australia is helping many residents get relief from a variety of ills.

Benefits of CBD Oil

According to a study by the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, CBD oil is effective as an:

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antioxidant
  • Antipsychotic
  • Anti-Anxiety
  • Anti-Depressant

Studies are currently being done to document all the medical uses of the oil, but many people are already enjoying the benefits this substance offers. In particular, those with anxiety are finding relief from taking this supplement. It may also help those with illnesses such as diabetes, epilepsy, cancer, and arthritis. In fact, the possible uses of CBD oil are almost endless, which is why it has grown so quickly in popularity.

Fly-High Factor

  • Strength * * * * *
  • Long-lasting * * * *
  • Energy * * *
  • Empathy * *
  • Euphoria * * * *
  • Arousal * * *
  • Chill out * * * * *

Please view our terms and conditions when placing an order thoroughly. These products are for Lab Research Only. You must be at least 18 years old to purchase from our site and as with all our products, they are strictly not for human consumption.

Our products are highly concentrated and potent. Use with caution.
All of our products are for in vitro research purposes only and not for human consumption.

12 reviews for CBD, Vape Liquid

  1. mateoradocaj12

    How this is great! I recommend this to all of all the flavors so relaxing and refreshing. Well done.

  2. tunji-1389

    Fantastically made to last forever.

  3. mademan

    Got me flying high by the fifth minute.

  4. johnsdad

    If you have ever taken CBD, now imagine the benefits of CBD plus the relaxation benefits of synthetic marijuana? I loved it and I am cock sure that many people too will love this, especially those who already take CBD.

  5. Justin B.

    I love this stuff. I have taken other CBD vape brands before but did not feel anything. This one felt different like from the third puff. It is really decent stuff

  6. MilanBoy

    Pros: strong feeling, good flavor (vanilla), somehow keeps my back pain at bay
    Cons: a bit expensive but worth it

  7. Julius Speroni

    Wish it was cheaper so that I buy more.

  8. T. Bjorn

    Loved it. great tasting vape. Will buy again from you.

  9. Alexei77

    Makes me feel a deep feeling of relaxation and euphoria. Better than the way I used to get both feelings before (whiskey on the rocks).

  10. T-bag

    Fantastic CBD. I have got anxiety issues and since I started taking it I haven’t experienced any bad episode.

  11. Jermaine Tr.

    Cool stuff.

  12. ibraheem9591

    الصدق والثقه والاخلاص هم اساس نجاح
    هذه الشركه شكرا من القلب الى مدير flightams

    اتمنى تقليل السعر قليلا فأنتم رائعون

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