Diablo C-Liquid (with nicotine)

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Diablo Vape

From the famous Diablo herbal incense Flight AMS has now released DIABLO VAPE.

We have used the full strength active ingredients from the Herbal Incense, added some nicotine and put it into one of our famous vape blends. The flavour is sweet OG KUSH, which smells great. This is the vape liquid that really packs a punch.

Fly-High Factor

  • Strength * * * * *
  • Long-lasting * * * * *
  • Energy * * * * *
  • Empathy * *
  • Euphoria * * * *
  • Trippy * * * * *
  • Chill out * *

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Our products are highly concentrated and potent. Use with caution.
All of our products are for in vitro research purposes only and not for human consumption.

5 reviews for Diablo C-Liquid (with nicotine)

  1. johndoe-2384

    In many circles, they call this the devil’s vape. That’s how strong and powerful this shit is. Last time I took it, I was literally mindblown. Sad that it is now out of stock. They should make more of it.

  2. jackcarrick

    This is absolutely brilliant. Made me trippy within the first three puffs. I love it.

  3. machinegunpreacher

    Strong vape, strong scent.

  4. jajaja

    Fine ting this one.

  5. peacesign247

    This is the most euphoric vape blend I have ever taken. Perfect for winding down after a long day at work.

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