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Gold – Herbal Incense

  • High-Quality Herbal Incense 
  • Proprietary Synthetic Cannabis
  • Independently Tested 
  • Ships Fast and Discreet 

Aromatherapy Characteristics of Gold Herbal Incense

Gold is one of the most popular incenses we sell, people Just love it. This one’s mild to mid strength which is great for first timers or if you just want to chill. It’s cerebrally stimulating and induces a euphoric body buzz. It’s more like riding on a psychedelic horse through the desert than flying into space on a rocket.

Gold Herbal Incense

Gold herbal incense is the legal high you’ve been searching for. It’s just one of our herbal incenses for sale online. Buy a gram, or buy an ounce. You can even buy wholesale herbal incense in bulk.

Blaze Up & Enjoy

Been working hard? Need to relax at the end of the day? Light up some Gold and chill the fuck out. Let all your tension and stress wash away with this potent aromatherapy.  

Blissed Out!

Get blazed with Gold. This herbal incense stands up its name. This one has the touch that makes everything that was once bleak, golden. Flight AMS’s incense is guaranteed to get you blissed out and blazed up.

Medicinal Benefits

People suffering from PTSD, Multiple Sclerosis, Arthritis and a range of other conditions enjoy benefits from our herbal incense Europe loves.

Relax Into Freedom

Military veterans and professionals in all industries enjoy the benefits of herbal incense aromatherapy. Take back your freedom and live life the way that you want.

Powerful Shit

Gold herbal incense is infused with potent and concentrated synthetic cannabinoids. It’s super potent. It’s actually one of our more mild herbs. Just sit down, kick back, and space the fuck out. Give Gold a go today!

Flight AMS

Flight AMS doesn’t just sell the best herbal incense and spice. We also have super potent liquid herbal incense for vapes. Check out our other herbal incense products linked below.



Our products are highly concentrated and potent. Use with caution.

All of our products are for in vitro research purposes only and not for human consumption.

Our products are highly concentrated and potent. Use with caution.
All of our products are for in vitro research purposes only and not for human consumption.

33 reviews for Gold

  1. mateoradocaj12

    Like gold. Precious. You should appreciate this product and quality. Recommendations for milder relaxation moments.

  2. milanovicante101

    Gilt product. Fine taste of gold

  3. yopierre

    I love how literally mind blowing this herbal incense is. Feels like being on a really speedy roller coaster. I currently would not trade it for any other incense.

  4. jaguar

    Has a strong and amazing scent that makes everything feel like the good look old worry-free days. I recommend it to everyone.

  5. nunes

    Pleasantly surprising positive effects. It is an incense you will love.

  6. Antoine G.

    Makes me relax quickly after a long day at work. And when I got the package I could straightway tell that it is a high quality herbal incense product.

  7. 888pundit

    Makes me euphoric after just five puffs.


    Got my Gold spice two days quicker than I expected. Good stuff

  9. damien guiron

  10. CEDRIC S.

    excellent produit pour un usage regulier et tres detendant parfait pour passer une bonne journee

  11. Anonymous

  12. Anonymous


  13. Claire Sands

    Another nice one. Hits the spot. Mellow and relaxing

  14. Michael M.

    Like Platinum, but not as strong.

  15. Ana


  16. hishishelping

    Now that

  17. Barbara

  18. Valerio

    Wonderful…… Simply, Wonderful!!!!!!!

  19. Anonymous

  20. romain h.

  21. Anonymous



  23. Boris Trbojevic

  24. Marko

    For now, this one is the best. Im ordering a minimum of 10g next time. Chill, creativity, concentration, anti-stress, all in 1. This one should be the one from whom you are going to make it even better. Add something to be more euphoric and it WILL be perfect and bestseller.

  25. Anonymous

  26. Anonymous

    Exceptionally good if you need relaxation.

  27. Shaun Peoples

  28. Matthew J.

    very good, potent blend.

  29. Sascha Nirschl

  30. gloogle28

    Awesome!!! Perfect!

  31. Anonymous

  32. deezmatthew

    Good. Better! BEST!!! Great blend, way 2 go, guys! Forever Awesome!

  33. gloogle28

    Guys, I have Tried it all from Flight AMS. You simply can not make a mistake. You just need to find your favorites. And that is not a problem at all with guys at Flight, bc you just ask for samples, you just need to be respectful and be fair, and see what happens. Do not be greedy! This guys are not like others. At all. Support them online bc if they disappear, it is all over for You also, and you will have to deal with morons then. Be respectful and if this guys ask you for a favor, do it! I am not theyr costumer for years bc of nothing.
    Enjoy 🙂

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