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Mad Hatter



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Mad Hatter Spice is Back

Back by popular demand we now have Mad Hatter spice, it’s the stuff that’s been kicking butts all over the planet for years. This is professionally blended by the big boys of the industry, it’s smooth and super strong. Mad Hatter spice is the true OG, it’s 4th generation badness that’s been a favourite since the beginning of the herbal Incense movement.

Don’t believe me? You ask anyone who knows anything about Synthetic Cannabis and they’ll tell you that Mad Hatter is listed in their top 3 if not number 1. With this stuff you’ll be so far down the rabbit hole that you’ll need to drop breadcrumbs to find your way home, it’s experimental and recreational. So inhale deeply, and find out how far down the Rabbit Hole you want to go.

I know that I’m mainly preaching to the converted and most of you know all this stuff already, so next time you are planning a little Tea Party with friends or just want to take that trip by yourself to Never Never Land, order your Mad Hatter spice from us. We deliver all over the world as fast as you want.

Mad Hatter Spice – Herbal Incense

  • Quality Herbal Incense
  • Proprietary Synthetic Cannabis
  • Independently Tested
  • Ships Fast and Discreet

Flight AMS

Flight AMS doesn’t just sell the best herbal incense and spice. We also have super potent liquid herbal incense for vapes. Check out our other herbal incense products linked below.



Our products are highly concentrated and potent. Use with caution.

All of our products are for in vitro research purposes only and not for human consumption.


Our products are highly concentrated and potent. Use with caution.
All of our products are for in vitro research purposes only and not for human consumption.

105 reviews for Mad Hatter

  1. mateoradocaj12

    The real thing came to the market. Mad Hatter is the Best Definitely !! Good!

  2. reveszakos15

    Watch out for this one! Recommended for experienced users so strong tho

  3. milanovicante101

    This new product is coming back to the market to break the ass! Too good and quality. Only words of praise.

  4. romain

    Produit top qualité merci pour tous en douille c’est de la fusée un bon décollage
    échantillion au top 🙂

  5. romain

    vite de recevoir la commande beaucoup de problème de payement mes produit toujours au top produit pour les expert les débutant ne jouer pas avec sa

  6. resovacmarin

    Crazy hat. It refreshes and relaxes.
    It has a beautiful look and a fine smell and taste.
    Recommendations for relaxation and creation of ideas. Medical remedy for anxiety and depression.

  7. karlonovak101

    This is a really good thing. It relaxes. I enjoys in every second.

  8. Braintoast

    A very strong blend. Enjoyable and a big hit. It is for very experienced users. I like it but only for the end of the day.

  9. Braintoast

    A very strong blend. Enjoyable and a big hit. It is for very experienced users. I like it but only for the end of the day. Fine smell and taste.

  10. wakeandbake

    This stuff is crazy man, you have to try it if only once. What a great buzz. I’m in the Army and my Sarge hands this stuff out to us when we are between missions to kill the boredom.

  11. willdrinkwater

    Great! Never thought I would find a synthetic cannabis incense as strong as this one online but I have. It is absolutely effective. I love it.

  12. peterdutoit

    Takes you on a turbulent-free flight this incense. Great for relaxing, meditation, nd jus generally chilling out.

  13. jamaicano

    One word: Brilliant

  14. jumaandersen

    I love this. Calms me down after a day of heavy and noisy work. Makes me forget how miserable my life is LOL.

  15. gotfan

    Pungent and genuine legal weed incense.

  16. Petr Zielisnki

    Burns faster but works faster than natural marijuana. Will definitely get the Mad Hatter again when my current 100 gram stash runs out.

  17. Abramacboc

    Very pure and potent.

  18. Marchisio95

    Strong legal high. I have tried many varieties from differente online stores like this one but the Mad Hatter remains one of my favorites.

  19. gloogle28

    This one is very strong, but not in a bad way. You will not make a mistake if you order this one. Also, FlightAms are very responsible and they WILL always make sure that you get you package. Also, they are not cheap like others are, often youll get extra bonuses and if you ask, you will also get samples so you could know what to order next time. 10/10 ! I highly reccomend this vendor, I think there is noone better in Europe.

  20. Anonymous

  21. Georgia

  22. Claire S.

    Not too bad. Quite nice

  23. Marko Andrijanic

    I always make sure that I get atleast a few grams of this one. This is one of the best in general. Strong but not in a bad way. Chills You the out 🙂 Very good! 5/5 *****

  24. Georgia K.

  25. Anonymous

    Strong, but good!

  26. Abdulrahman Obaid

  27. Yann L.

    One of the best for me.One of the strongest too.It came very quickly to my home,.Mad Hatter will drive you crazy,as i’ve been impressed by his power.

  28. Christophe LEFEURE

    Sous votre chapeau vous découvrirez un plaisir intense et subtil, testé le 1/11/19 (top 5)

  29. Boris Trbojevic

  30. Anonymous

    Very strong but good

  31. Michael M.

    An old classic, good and strong.

  32. Juan Carlos V.


  33. Aileen

    Good does what its is suppost to

  34. Boris Trbojevic

  35. Boris Trbojevic

  36. Alisa

    Strong, but good

  37. Geoff Allum

  38. Anonymous

  39. kaj.leijten

    Very good stuff, pretty strong. It is amazing with friends.
    Thanks Flight AMS

  40. Suriya

    Best one there is, who doesn’t know mad hatter.

  41. Boris Trbojević

  42. CARLOS

    Thx u

  43. Leandro Torres


  44. Anonymous

    I love it and recomended

  45. Yann

    Tres tres bon tres tres fort

  46. Valerio

    The best I’ve tried.

  47. Carlos Forteza M.


  48. mikkel ertmann

    Very good service and fast shipping. And i have got a couple of free samples too. Brilliant Companys 🙂

  49. Anonymous

  50. romain h.

    Très déçu

  51. Aaron


  52. Anonymous

  53. Ivan G.

  54. Raul camacho pujals

  55. Hussain Sheibani

  56. Aftab Hussain

    Nice stuff like da buzz🤗🤗☺☺

  57. romain h.

  58. Marko Andrijanic

    THis one is for veterans. If you have PTSD or you are agressive, just take a very small hit and all bad is gone. I am a veteran so guys, trust me on this one. IT is very strong but not dangerous. I use this one to knock me out if I have to do that…. 😉

  59. omair c.

    Nice and strong

  60. alison

    1st class product, 1st class ordering and delivery and super supportive team.
    Mad hatter is strong and gives you instant buzz. If you struggle to sleep this is for you

  61. omair c.

    Very nice product

  62. darinmikel

    Really have been enjoying this blend. It’s very strong and has a great feel to it. Must try!

    Thank you guys

  63. Marko Andrijanic

    This old man is very potent. It is a modern version of the old MadHatter. The one before this came out can not compare in any way with this product from FlightAms! Very very very good sht !

  64. Shaun Peoples


  66. Anonymous

    Just nice for us experienced ol’ timers when the real thang is no where to be found. It has a long lasting feeling, strong (for the younger crowd) but just nice for me. Almost like the real thing, and it’s the best flight has in my opinion.

  67. Anthony Upshaw


  68. Manraj Singh

    Nice good quality and so far the strongest I’ve had and it’s surprisingly long lasting. I only get Skunk and this Mad Hatter

  69. Anonymous


  70. michael o.

    USA customer happy!

  71. Hussain Sheibani

    this is good and boom hat still trying to understand where we’re i and still good stuff 👍

  72. Anonymous

    Very nice and worth the price

  73. jerryjjjones5


  74. jerryjjjones5


  75. jerryjjjones5


  76. Nicole L.

    Awesome, one of my all time favorites

  77. Anonymous

    Really strong gives a nice mind blowing high

  78. Karine

    Mon préféré!

  79. all4entropy

    very, very stronge products ..this spice/vape stuff! you feel stoned…the next minute, some like trip attacks your brain and rips away the universes 3rd dimension, just to return to normal 10 minutes later.

    Vaping work for me…i had 4 bottles, …but the stuff that did work…PFFFEEEW.. what a mindfuck!!

    very nice

  80. omair

    Nice product

  81. Anonymous

  82. Κυριακος

  83. Kristijan Blažeković

    Second place, below Black Dragon

  84. Anonymous


  85. Shaun Peoples


  86. Nicole L.

    Mad Hatter rocks, top notch product. Shipping comes fast and discreet, Flight AMS is an all around professional company.

  87. yassirmunir85

    I was very skeptical at first and was a bit rude to the person who was replying to me via email. However in the end the product was delivered as promised and the quality is awesome. I apologize to that person and hats off to Flightams. Have already placed my next order. Great people and great stuff plus the bonus gift was a very pleasant surprise 😀

  88. Yasir Munir

    The Best one 👍🏽

  89. Kiriakos K.

  90. kirkamp245

    Perfect products fast delivery flawless packaging. Thanks to Flight AMS for the free samples I got so far for the ocean and the rainbow. I can say that I really liked the Rainbow, it is happy, it raises a nice taste and the ocean is good, a fresh air, a slightly stronger smell, good morning …

  91. Omair C.

    Very nice and strong

  92. atspats123

    Very cool and strong good mood 🙂

  93. Kristijan B.

    Best after Black Dragon

  94. Sascha Nirschl

  95. gloogle28

    This is some mean sht! Just awesome!

  96. Anonymous

  97. Dean

    For certain not bad. I sure winner

  98. alicetunic

    It’s great! Very strong!

  99. deezmatthew

    Mad Hatter, um…. Yes, please!

  100. oli

    I was afraid for this one but it became my favorite. gives me patience and inspiration for mny things. Simplifies my every day tasks..

  101. oli

    I was afraid for this one but it became my favorite. gives me patience and inspiration for many things. Simplifies my every day tasks..

  102. angel362019

    I have been a herbal insent lover for a bit over 5 years when one day a friend let me try some and that day seriously changed my life.. It was the best buzz feeling I ever had from any regular bud.. I prefer it over regular bud any day.. I buy this every chance I can get.. My favorite is Mad Hatter and Atomic.. I never tried the liquid yet not usually a vaper but this time around I spurged and got some.. waiting on fed x as I write this soo excited… Thank you all for selling such an amazing product

  103. FSA-ksa

    If you want to fly and relax on the sofa ✈️🎧!!!!

  104. siotis

    Very sweet surprise. I did not expect it. For me, however, it also worked as a relaxation

  105. siotis

    Very sweet surprise. I did not expect it. For me, however, it also worked as a relaxation
    by mistake before I put 1 star 4 is worth it

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