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Pineapple – Herbal Incense

  • Quality Herbal Incense
  • Proprietary Synthetic Cannabis
  • Independently Tested
  • Ships Fast and Discreet 

Aromatherapy Characteristics

Take it to the tropics with our Pineapple herbal incense. Sweet aromas of citrus fruits with earthy green undertones are the highlight of this spice. Bliss up any abode with Pineapple herbal incense.

Pineapple Herbal Incense

Herbal incense is the legal high you’ve been searching for. Pineapple is just one of our herbal incenses for sale online. Buy a gram, or buy a kilogram. You can even buy herbal incense in bulk at wholesale prices. Just shoot us a quick message.

Blaze Up & Enjoy

The citrus and fruity aroma of pineapple instantaneously stimulate the frontal lobe. Get inspired and lifted. It may be fruity, but this pineapple’s got the strength that’ll make your balls drop.

Blissed Out!

A little goes a long way with this one! It’s only for those who seek a serious session. Flight AMS’s incense is guaranteed to get you blissed out and blazed up.

Medicinal Benefits

People suffering from PTSD, Multiple Sclerosis, Arthritis and a range of other conditions enjoy benefits from our Incense.

Relax Into Freedom

Professionals in all industries enjoy the benefits of herbal incense aromatherapy. Take back your freedom and live life the way that you want.

Powerful Shit

Herbal incense is infused with potent and concentrated synthetic cannabinoids. Its psychotropic effects are super intense. Just sit down, kick back, and space the fuck out. Guaranteed

Flight AMS

Flight AMS doesn’t just sell the best herbal incense and spice. We also have super potent liquid herbal incense for vapes. Check out our other herbal incense products linked below.



Our products are highly concentrated and potent. Use with caution.

All of our products are for in vitro research purposes only and not for human consumption.



Our products are highly concentrated and potent. Use with caution.
All of our products are for in vitro research purposes only and not for human consumption.

64 reviews for Pineapple

  1. mateoradocaj12

    Right tropical fruit! How good and delicious I can not go wrong. I order. Recommendation you will not make a mistake this is a lively hit 1 !

  2. marcus

    Great taste and smell and also one of the best herbal insence i’ve tasted. Would not regret it chosen!

  3. topmandele

    Has an earthy and powerful aroma that blazes me up every time I light it up. It is some powerful shit as they say in their description.

  4. kushman

    Pineapple Kush was my go to strain back in the day. It was strong and stuff but for legal reason I can no longer take it. Nevertheless, since I discovered this Pineapple Herbal Incense I have never looked back. The two are not the same thing but they hit the mind the same way and give me the freedom I yearn.

  5. mauro.icardi

    Great herbal incense. Did not expect it to be very good but boy wasn’t I wrong and I am glad I was. Would definitely recommend this.

  6. Braintoast

    Amazing taste and aroma. It gives a very exciting feeling. One of the best for sure. Totally recommended.

  7. jisemofu

    I love that taste, this is my second time.

  8. PedroFDZ

    This is a fine product for all lovers of everything nice. Won’t lie, it makes me high as a kite!

  9. KermitGuy

    Legal and works just fine for me.

  10. ChâteauRennes

    First tasted this stuff at a party in Gare du Nord. Felt wonderful. Slept like a log for like 12 hours straight and I naturally never go more than 8 hours. Bought this from you guys and it still feels the same. I really like it.

  11. Stephen Bishop

    Love it wow the trip I went on

  12. MATIJA M.

  13. Frank H.

    When I opened the packet -what a delicious smell ! I used to smoke the real thing back in the day –thanks guys for a strong and laid back smoke –quick delivery too !

  14. Anonymous

    Pretty smooth like a cocktail!love it!

  15. Anonymous

    Exccellent! Good aroma! Good mood

  16. Frédéric Steinhauser

  17. Abdulrahman Obaid

  18. Polnotpot

    Really good, the quality of the incense (not the strength) is very good. Perfect product.
    Best store I have visited.

  19. Anonymous

    Envio rapido, aroma delicioso. Buen material

  20. Iakovos

    Nice strong feeling. Very smooth taste.

  21. Anonymous

    It’ my favorite. Smell is not so strong and it takes a good mood.

  22. Juan Carlos V.


  23. Iakovos

    Awesome flavor and aroma. Gives energy more than relaxation awesome even if you are busy. 100% recommended.

  24. Suriya

    One of the best flavour there is, not too strong as other but it will defo give u a kick

  25. Raul camacho pujals

  26. Anonymous

  27. Anonymous

    Strong s#&*

  28. Carlos R.

    Amazing stuff

  29. Anonymous

    The best I’ve found so far

  30. Anonymous

    Cannot comment honestly

  31. Kristian


  32. gloogle28

    This is just awesome in every way! Youll see what Im talking about when you open your first PineApple. Potent, very nice smell and taste, euphoric.. Also, it is ideal for depression or PTSD (and simmillar). I know bc I tryed it on myself, and it works ALWAYS LITTERALLY 🙂 Cool stuff!!! Only FLightAMS has this strains, and only FlightAMS is worth buying from. Very professional, responsible and good guys in general. *****

  33. sjoerd ijzereef

    nice taste….interesting after tones hehehe

  34. Manraj

    Is a strong one but hits my head too hard and heavy

  35. Maurice M.

    Loved it

  36. Anonymous

    The best always

  37. Marko Andrijanic

    Exactly how the picture on the zip bag looks, that is how it feels and smell 🙂 To awesome! 1 of the toughest products from this guys, trust me, im theyr costumer 4 a long time now.

  38. Frédéric S.

    Mon favori l’ananas.


  40. Anonymous

    My best choice. Most enjoyable taste, strong, euphoric and many other positive aspects.

  41. Anonymous

    Very fine product

  42. SIMON

  43. Derico F.

    Best service couldn’t ask for better service! Great products best in the market!

  44. mark

    Amazing quality

  45. gloogle28

    LoL smells and taste like a fruit salad 🤣 But do not get fooled, this can knock you out just like that.. It is awesome in general, you do not have to think about this one. Order it, it is not a mistake at all. EVERYTHING here on this site is more than awesome, but if you love fruits, this one is for you. One of my favorites. Good Good Good!

  46. marcus_azzopardi

    One of the best I have ever tasted ! Nice smell and effect also. Product you would not regret buying !!!

  47. Kiriakos K.

  48. aligistos942

    very tasty and quite strong

  49. Anonymous


  50. Anita Kostadinović

  51. gloogle28


  52. Anonymous

  53. tat1006027360

    Quite strong and a lovely taste to it.

  54. hectorvermpis

    The pineapple incense is by far my favorite one!!

  55. deezmatthew

    Aloha!!! Holy sh#t! Great product, Love everything about it, wow! Thanx again¡¡¡

  56. Joe

    Smooth and strong! Perfect after a long day to relax. A++ Flight Ams delivers again!


    light and smooth, just perfect

  58. gloogle28

    You do not have to think about it. Just order. Youll see. Sometimes i want to eat it when i smell it. Pure joy!

  59. man70kl

    Got this as a sample. Was pleasantly surprised that it’s power packed. Luckily I used a little. It’s definitely strong but has quite a strong hangover/side effects too. It’s stronger than Skunk but Skunk is just perfect. Maybe because it’s high grade. I do not need to be too blasted. Just a one hour ‘vacation’ from the real world is good enough for me. Btw I’m a veteran for veterans.

  60. aligistos942

    very very good!!!!

  61. bowe89declan

    I found this very relaxing, nice one to chill in the evening front of the tv, recommended

  62. gloogle28

    Damn this is good!!!! You can make a fruit salad 🙂 + Sooooo chilling, i highly recommend Pine!!!!

  63. mtmtmt


  64. daniel.reim.1

    Out of all herbal incenses I have tried from flightams, this one is surprisingly close to the real deal. A few sprinkles are enough to get you decently sedated. Remember the first time you smoked weed? This is exactly like it. It gave me flashbacks to 7 years ago when I first started. Flightams is and will always be the best

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