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Platinum – Super Strong



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Platinum – Herbal Smoking Blends

  • Quality Herbal Incense
  • Proprietary Synthetic Cannabis
  • Independently Tested
  • Ships Fast and Discreet

Aromatherapy Characteristics

Platinum herbal incense creates a balanced buzz between the head and body. There’s an immediate sensation of “chill-out” that washes over you. A strong aroma, platinum is a great balance of not too much, or too little, allowing you to relax and still be functional.

Platinum Herbal Smoking Blends

Our herbal incenses give you the legal high you’re looking for. Platinum is just one of our herbal incenses for sale online. Buy a gram of synthetic cannabis, or 10. You can even buy wholesale herbal incense in bulk.

Relax Into Freedom

Military veterans and professionals in all industries enjoy the benefits of herbal incense aromatherapy with Platinum. No worries and zero fucks were given with this one folks.

Get Blazed!

Platinum is stronger than “Gold”, but not quite as strong as “High-Grade Hydro”. All of our herbal incense is potent and concentrated. That means you’re guaranteed to be blissed out and blazed up.

Chill Out

Been working hard? Need to relax at the end of the day? Light up some Platinum and chill right out. Let all your tension and stress wash away with this potent aromatherapy.

Strong AF

Platinum herbal incense is infused with potent and concentrated synthetic cannabinoids. It’s super potent. Just sit down, kick back, and space the fuck out. Get the herbal high you need and buy some today!

Flight AMS

Flight AMS doesn’t just sell the best herbal incense and spice. We also have super potent liquid herbal incense for vapes. Check out our other herbal incense products linked below.



Our products are highly concentrated and potent. Use with caution.

All of our products are for in vitro research purposes only and not for human consumption.


Our products are highly concentrated and potent. Use with caution.
All of our products are for in vitro research purposes only and not for human consumption.

64 reviews for Platinum – Super Strong

  1. mateoradocaj12

    Platinum is the best incense!

  2. milanovicante101

    No better than platinum. So fine and relaxing. I recommend platinum to everyone!

  3. folau

    Expensive but truly top-quality product

  4. Papasdupolos C.

    Very potent spice product. Got randomly drug tested at work about 24 hours after taking it. Was very scared but it was not detected. This has made me love it even more.

  5. Ross Cahill

    Not easy to get someone who can ship stuff quickly to Malta but this company can. I really love how fast you sent this. It works nice too.

  6. BBParis

    Dope product!! Will definitely get more. But please work on the price. Do something to make it cheaper.

  7. Dwayne611

    I was pleasantly surprised when I took this product. It blew my mind and sharpened my focus almost instantly.

  8. justusjustus986

    I visited a college friend in Italy last summer and I was in need of nicotine infused vape juices. He recommended this site and told me that he didn’t know any other place. So I was not expecting much when I made my order but boy was I surprised. The vape I got from you was pretty smooth and had a decent flavor. It also made me feel really good and relaxed. I loved it.Thanks Flight Ams.

  9. damien guiron

  10. CEDRIC S.

    excellent produit tres euphorisant avec en prime un super site serieux et rapide

  11. Mario Kalinic

  12. Joel R.

    Very good product.

  13. Anonymous

    The best ! I love that! Very strong

  14. Anonymous

  15. Abdulrahman Obaid

  16. Anonymous

    Amazing product!

  17. Polnotpot

    This is strong and fairly neutral in taste.
    This is the best place I have bought my incense.
    The best/potent products and real good service.

  18. Claire Sands

    Lovely, chilled feeling. Will purchase again

  19. damien guiron

  20. rasids253

    R. from LV*_”Thank you for your work. All is professional. Rapid delivery and excellent quality of commodity. All I advise only”_

  21. Anonymous

  22. Michael M.

    Its strong and neutral in taste.Good

  23. Ana


  24. Geoff Allum

  25. Anonymous

  26. Raul camacho pujals

    Me deja con mucha dependencia

  27. Anonymous

  28. Raul camacho pujals


    I love this. Its soooo sedating that i cant explain

  30. Barbara

    Your herbal aromas helped me a lot after suffering grom extreme anxiety, depression and suicidal thougts after being raped a nd not getting help by anyone. I wasnt able to leave house or te be functioning on society before I sampled your aromas. I could then at least find concentration and relieve stress long enough to find employment and start my life over. So thank you. You gave me peace when nobody else has.

  31. Anonymous

  32. Yannick M.


  33. Anonymous

    It was nice but not too strong

  34. Christophe LEFEURE

    évidemment, le best pour moi

  35. Anonymous

  36. Fabio S.

  37. tonio.nustar


  38. romain h.

    Pas très fort

  39. Marko Andrijanic

    Nothing to be said here. If you do not try this, you lose. It is not called PLATINUM for nothing 😉

  40. michael o.

    Usa customer very happy!

  41. Boris Trbojevic

  42. michael o.

    Like the product-love the company-def recommend!

  43. Marko

    Strong. But handable and enjoyable. Great for relaxing and has no aftermath “bad” effects. Lasts long. Use just a little bit bc it is high quallity. This 1 is among the best.

  44. Anonymous

  45. michael o.

    Best stuff available online!.. all the other sites are bogus!

  46. Anonymous

  47. Κυριακος

    Nice and strong thingsThanks Flight AMS great job guys! Keep going so you don’t miss it. Fast shipping the package they send you is very well sealed ..

  48. michael o.

    I like it… A decent substitute for the non-existent jwh stuff..

  49. Virginia

    Was ok

  50. tat1006027360

    Pretty decent, not a head banger but does the job.

  51. Sascha

  52. Virginia

    Not strong

  53. Anonymous

    verry good product! not verry verry strong ,for when you can still want to play a video game!

  54. Matthew J.

    Nice smoke, potent.

  55. gloogle28

    Bro, this is brutal. One of the best. No hangover no nothing after. Awesome product! You will not be disapointed with this at all. 6/5

  56. Anonymous

  57. simon p.

  58. zmpounosst

    Very nice product . The closest one i have tasted in comparison to the real thing .
    Strong head , strong aroma and that sweet feeling …

  59. gloogle28

    This guys are amazing, just like theyr products. This one is awesome and potent. Ideal and optimal therapy, it really is. Thanks guys!!!!

  60. deezmatthew

    Nailed it!!! Really freakin good! Try this stuff!!!!!

  61. gloogle28

    Guys, You really did a great job with this! It really is Platinum! Bravo! @Everybody If You are ordering just for Your selfs, order at least 10 grams right away trust me. You will save time and money, bc You will want more like me and my buddies 🙂 Excellent!

  62. mtmtmt

    Sehr geiles high

  63. daniel.reim.1

    Definitely very potent!

    – Cannabinoid is named on the packaging
    – lovely trippy thoughts.
    – the duration is medium.

    – I personally sweat a lot from it.
    – tolerance build INCREDIBLY quick.

    But the positives definitely outweight the negatives

  64. Denis Kleva

    It provides great fuel for my high altitude mind soaring since 2013. and helped me create numerous projects and products. If properly used it’s great medicine for mine hyperactivity 🙂

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