Image of herbal incense in a bag on website to buy legal highs

Check out our newest sites where you can buy herbal incense online in bulk.

We like to announce has launched two more websites, for our French customers and for our customers in Italy.

We have endeavoured to translate the site the best we can but if you can see any mistakes let us know. Also if you can let us know what you call out products in your country that would be good.

In France we think it’s translated as encens herbal et e-liquide de qualite

Relaxez-vous grâce à notre gamme d’encens herbal et E-Liquides à base de CBD.

In Italian, we had an Italian friend translated the title of the home page into vendita di prodotti chimici per fini di ricerca e prodotti per l’high legale. Some of customers call our products Incensi, Profumatori d’ambiente or Cannabis legale. The vape liquid is might be translated as Liquido per e-cig?

If you can help us out we’re happy to send you a free product.

Thanks from the Flight AMS team.