Legal highs and synthetic cannabinoids have been a significant part of the global market for decades, offering a legal alternative to natural cannabis with similar effects. In recent years, synthetic cannabinoids have become increasingly popular, becoming the top choice for psychoactive substances worldwide. Their distribution is carefully monitored by the World Wide Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA).

Despite some negative media coverage, it’s crucial to recognize the misinformation often spread to capture audience attention. It’s essential to understand the diversity within the synthetic cannabis category, as not all legal high products are created equal. Each substance should be evaluated on its own merits.

Synthetic cannabinoids, designed to mimic the effects of THC—the main psychoactive component in marijuana—bind to the same cannabinoid receptors in the brain. This similarity has led to a variety of legal high products that serve as alternatives to marijuana. Contrary to common misconceptions, not all cannabis synthetics act the same way; each compound has unique effects.

The JWH series, including JWH-018 and JWH-073, were among the first synthetic cannabinoids to become popular before their ban in 2012. The industry continuously adapts, introducing new compounds as replacements to stay ahead of regulatory changes.

Legal highs have been available as “herbal smoking mixtures” online and in some shops, known as “head shops” or “smart shops,” which also sell “herbal highs” and “party pills.” These products, marketed as herbal supplements, are said to provide energy boosts or mood enhancements similar to amphetamines or ecstasy.

Party pills have included ingredients ranging from common substances like caffeine and taurine to more unique compounds such as Benzylpiperazine (BZP) and Trifluoro-methyl-phenylpiperazine (TFMPP). After the ban of BZP, new products emerged with chemicals like 3-Methylmethcathinone (3-MMC) and Ethylphenidate (EPH).

Stimulant legal highs are known for inducing energy and euphoria, with popular branded products including names like Charlie Sheen and Benzo Fury. Legal hallucinogens, capable of producing LSD-like effects, also occupy a place in the market, although their long-term effects are less understood due to their novelty.

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