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Vape Liquids

Illuminated C-Liquid

4.8/5 - (434 votes)

Kraken C-Liquid

4.3/5 - (408 votes)

Indica C-Liquid

4.4/5 - (371 votes)

Platinum C-Liquid

4.4/5 - (365 votes)

Gold C-Liquid

4.3/5 - (386 votes)
  • 100ml: €262 per bottle
  • 1000ml: €2552 per bottle.

Buy the Highest Quality Vape Liquids at Europe’s Lowest Prices

C-liquid. E high. Legal high E-liquid. No matter what type of vape liquids you are searching for, you’ve come to the right place! Flight AMS stocks the highest quality herbal smoking blends and vape liquids for a mere fraction of the cost of competitors’. New C-liquid chemical suspensions open the door for opportunities to research such cannabinoid products.

Looking for THC E-liquid for sale Europe-wide? Shop with us at Flight AMS today and your legal highs and vape liquids will be shipped for free, discreetly, right to your door.


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