New Synthetic Cannabinoids and their effects.

Synthetic cannabinoids or “Spice” as they are commonly referred to as are becoming increasingly popular among men aged from 18 to 40, especially in World Wide. The surge in popularity has been one of the reasons that they have been creating news headlines in 2019.

In case you don’t know, synthetic cannabinoids are lab-made cannabinoids that provide euphoric, trippy, and sedative experiences that are somewhat similar to those provided by natural cannabinoids which include THC (Δ9–tetrahydrocannabinol), CBGA (Cannabigerolic acid) along with 6 more major cannabinoids.

The lab-made cannabinoids are primarily used to make legal highs – products that can make you high but are not illegal and do not appear on drug tests. And while legal highs have for a long time provided people around the world with the experiences they desire, the sensationalization of the negative side effects of some of them by the mainstream media has resulted in Western governments moving in to ban or restrict the use of some of them

So the most common legal highs you know are probably already banned by your government if you are in the Western World. However, not to be outsmarted, Chinese and World Wide an manufacturers are making newer and even more potent synthetic cannabinoids to ensure their customers continue legally enjoying the experiences they seek.

In this article, you will learn about this new batch of legal synthetic cannabinoids or “noids” that are just now hitting the market.

The article is written by an independent writer from research on forums like Reddit. It does not necessarily represent the views of Flight AMS and is not advice of any kind. Many of the noids mentioned in the article are actively being used to make Herbal Incense and C-liquid / Vape juice products.

NB The terms, noids, chems, and legal highs are used interchangeably in this post. They all refer to synthetic cannabinoids.


The Most Popular New Chems on the Market and Their Effects 


This used to be one of the most preferred chems just a couple of months ago. It was put in herbal incense products and C-liquids and so on. It used to be preferred because it was super potent. However, its popularity is now diminishing as it has been banned in quite a number of jurisdictions.

Another reason for its diminishing popularity is the fact that it has nasty side effects when taken in excess.



5F-MDMB-2201 is a very trippy synthetic noid. It is one of those types that can take one’s mind on a roller-coaster according to experienced users. Apparently, its effects and experiences are similar to those provided by psychedelic drugs such as LSD and psilocybin.

Nevertheless, it is also thought to have strong withdrawal effects including mood swings and depression according to some users.



This is a fairly decent and mellow synthetic cannabinoid that is popular especially in the US according to users on social media. It is also legal in most places around the world.

However, just because many people find it relatively mellow or weak does not mean everyone else will. This is perhaps the reason why quite a number of people who have used it on Reddit advice extreme care as they say they were overwhelmed by it despite using small doses.



 5f-SGT-151 is one of the most potent chems out there based on various subjective rankings found online. It is said to be very powerful and that using it frequently could result in addiction.



 Unlike most of the other new noids that are powerful, addictive, and have nasty withdrawal effects, NM-2201 is one of the few mild ones according to noid users on Reddit. Those who have used it claim it got them high without any nasty side effects.

It is also said to be one of the smoothest and lightest synthetic cannabinoids on the market right now.



FAB-144 is just like NM-2201 above. It is mild and feels just like regular weed as per online reports. It does not come with strange hallucinations as is the case with powerful synthetic cannabinoids.

It is one of few noids that are unlikely to turn one into a junkie. It is said on Reddit that even taking it in large doses is unlikely to cause anxiety or hallucinations.


5f – ADB

Reports show that this is one of the more potent chems. Those who have used it, claim that it provides a really intense trip. They also claim that at first, the tolerance to it is very low and so a very small dose is enough to cause intense experiences. But that its tolerance usually builds up quickly.



This synthetic noid is more potent than 5f-ADB. It is great for creating vape juices according to social media users who have tried it. Its effects have been severally described on social media as heavy and sedative.

It is important to note that it is not described as euphoric or trippy like many of the other powerful noids.


4f – ADB

This is one of the strongest noids on the market according to various rankings found online. Some people who have used it say it is like weed on speed. However, it also does cause hallucinations according to users. So those who take it usually take it at a lower dose to avoid strange hallucinations.

4f-ADB is mostly made by manufacturers in the Far East.



This is a pretty friendly noid unlike 4f-ADB above as per Reddit users. It is utilized to make herbal blends for smoking or C-liquids for vaping.

It is one of the more positively regarded synthetic cannabinoids available on the market because many people often do not have negative experiences with it. This is according to information available from forums such as Reddit.



This chem is closely related to the above ADB-FUBINACA in terms of its structure. It is also well-regarded in herbal incense and vape juice online communities. This is because it apparently provides a very pleasant high when taken in just the right dose according to many users.



This noid is quite potent. But not more potent than regular weed. In short, it is potent but gentle. People who have used it claim that it delivers somewhat the same kind of euphoric effects and experiences as marijuana. It is for this reason that some people use it to deal with withdrawal symptoms of weed.

According to many online users, JWH-210 does not affect sleeping or eating routines.



 JWH-018 is one of the older chems that is making a comeback this year. Apparently, it has been unavailable for quite some time as per the information provided by older noid users.

The biggest effect of JWH-018 is how trippy it makes users feel.



 A number of authority websites describe 5C-AKB-48 as a strong new chem. Apparently, it is very sedative and has a longer high duration than most new noids. The websites also say it is a pretty good chem if one does not take it in excess.



This is also a strong new chem. It is mild and perfect according to subjective online reports from those who have used it. Some of those who have used it also say it is somewhat weed-like.

As it is evident from the info above, there are many new synthetic cannabinoids out there. Some of them are mild, while others are strong. There are many more available online and elsewhere.

As mentioned earlier, most new synthetic cannabinoids are legal to use in many jurisdictions across the globe. They are not yet banned. This means people can still get the experiences they got from old and now illegal noids by using these new ones.

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