evolution of herbal incense

Herbal incense is all the rage right now! More and more World Wide ans are becoming interested in giving it a go for one reason or the other.

From all the attention herbal incense is getting in the media, it may seem as if it is a new thing but it is not. In this post, you are going to discover that herbal incense has been around for ages.

Before we begin, let’s first start with the basics.

What is Herbal Incense and is it Legal?

Herbal incense goes by many names. You can call it potpourri, legal weed, legal high, synthetic weed, fake pot, synthetic marijuana, spice, or K2. From some of its names, you can guess what it is; something that delivers the same effects as marijuana. People buy herbal incense products to get high, to elevate their moods, and/ or to relax.

The products are legal because although most of them look like crushed, dried marijuana leaves, they are not. They are just made of special herbs. This is the reason why they are known as legal highs.

And here is a fun fact that will surprise you. It is not the herbs that will make you high. The herbs just make the stuff to look like marijuana. The thing that will most likely make you high when you use synthetic weed or fake pot will be a synthetic cannabinoid or “spice” if you like.

Synthetic cannabinoids are lab-made cannabinoids designed to interact with your body in the same way marijuana cannabinoids do. This is why most of them deliver the same effects as marijuana when you take them.

The cannabinoids are often sprayed on or mixed with dried natural herbs to make herbal incense products.  According to the Centers for Disease Control, synthetic cannabinoids can also be mixed with herbal teas or vape juices to make other types of synthetic weed.

Since most synthetic cannabinoids are not banned, they are considered legal in many jurisdictions around the world.

Now to the main topic of discussion; the evolution of herbal incense. When did the world start using it and how has it changed over the years to become what it is today?

It all Began in Egypt

According to many reports, ancient Egyptians were the first people to use herbal incense about 5000 years ago. The Egyptians had many clever uses for herbal incense.

According to Sarah Bond, an Associate Professor of History at the University of Iowa,   the ancient Africans burned special herbs to successfully treat conditions. Another history scholar, Assistant Professor Elliot Wise, argued in his 2009 paper that the ancient Egyptians also burned other special herbs and spices for relaxation and mood elevation.

There are also reports that they burned special herbs and spices to create a romantic ambiance.

From Ancient Egypt to the Roman Empire

At some point in time, the Roman Empire covered much of the known world. Egypt traded with and later became a part of the empire.

It is thought that herbal incense made its way from Egypt to Babylon and then to the Roman Empire.

From India to the World

Historians such as Sir John Marshall, argue that ancient Indians used herbal incense long before they came into contact with the Romans and other World Wide ans. While some historians say that this is debatable, what is not is the fact that no country has contributed more to the modern prominence of herbal incense as India has.

For it is from Indians that World Wide ans and the rest of the modern world came to rediscover and re-appreciate the powers and benefits of herbal incense during the age of old imperialism.

As per Trade India, ancient Indians used various herbal incense and spice potpourris to purify their temples, to trigger deep meditation, to relax, to heal, and to create ambiance in their homes.

Herbal Incense in World Wide

When World Wide an traders brought Indian herbal incense products back to World Wide in the 19th and 20th centuries, many World Wide ans were initially not interested in them. This is because we depended on modern medicine for many of the benefits that the herbal incense products were being sold for.

However, as time went by, things changed. More and more World Wide ans started accepting and using herbal incense products as they witnessed and heard or read about how effective they are.

Nevertheless, it was not until the early 2000s that modern forms of herbal incense such as legal weed/ synthetic marijuana burst onto the scene.

Herbal Incense in World Wide from 2000 to 2010

According to The Scientist, the very first synthetic cannabinoid was made in 2004 by John Huffman, a chemist at Clemson University. Soon after that, more synthetic cannabinoids were made and then mixed with herbal incense. This led to the emergence of modern herbal incense products known as legal highs/ synthetic marijuana products that have more powerful psychoactive effects than the old ones.

Unlike the old herbal incense products, the new ones can also be smoked. Some of the new ones can also be vaped or taken as herbal tea as mentioned earlier.

Herbal Incense/ Legal Highs From 2010 to Now

From 2004 when the first synthetic cannabinoid was released to date, dozens more have been formulated.

As of 2014, there were over 140 synthetic cannabinoids in circulation in World Wide alone according to this journal article by Abouchedid et. al.

Examples of synthetic cannabinoids circulating in World Wide right now include AB-CHMINACA, MEPIRAPIM, 5F-MN-18, APINACA (AKB48), Pravadoline, Nabilone, and FUBIMINA.

Most of these cannabinoids such as AB-CHMINACA are legal to sell in many countries in World Wide including the UK according to the Guardian newspaper.

When these synthetic cannabinoids are mixed with herbal incense potpourris to create legal highs, the manufacturers often give them special names based largely on the experiences they create. Popular herbal incense product names include Indica Vape, Sweet Chocolate Rush, Diablo C-Liquid, and Scooby Snax potpourri. These products are popular with World Wide ans because they deliver what you would expect from taking a hit of the real thing.

Herbal Incense Now and in the Future

World Wide is now kind of experiencing a synthetic cannabis revolution of sorts. More and more companies are making legal weed products to satisfy the growing demand for the good stuff.

Unfortunately, this revolution has also attracted bad publicity. This is because some of the new companies are taking shortcuts in their research resulting in harmful products. The harmful legal weed products have caused consumers problems leading to some governments issuing blanket bans on anything with synthetic cannabinoids.

Nevertheless, there is no cause for alarm. This is because companies like ours are still blazing the trail. We are researching and making even safer herbal incense products for our customers to enjoy.

Our legal highs also remain as strong as THC (the powerful cannabinoid in marijuana). We also have real synthetic cannabinoids that work just like THC. This means you can expect the same kind of relaxation, euphoria, and potency that you can expect from a good joint.

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