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Mad Hatter C-Liquid



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Mad Hatter C-Liquid

This is the bomb, amazing new Mad Hatter vape juice that has a fantastic formula that’ll blow your socks off

Anywhere you can vape you can enjoy the effects of our new blend, Mad hatter. It’s the smoothest and strongest that we have and we are always tinkering to make it better.

Fly-High Factor

  • Strength * * * * *
  • Long-lasting * * * *
  • Energy * * * *
  • Empathy * *
  • Euphoria * * * *
  • Trippy * * * * *
  • Chill out * * * * *

Please view our terms and conditions when placing an order thoroughly. These products are for Lab Research Only. You must be at least 18 years old to purchase from our site and as with all our products, they are strictly not for human consumption.

Our products are highly concentrated and potent. Use with caution.
All of our products are for in vitro research purposes only and not for human consumption.

127 reviews for Mad Hatter C-Liquid

  1. jujamassive

    That is a must-try!

  2. kim berg

    THE best vape liquid om THE market. I nice strong high tjat endure hours after intake 🙂 wirh regards from Boden, Sweden 🙂

  3. Anonymous

  4. Louise

    Excellent, very happy with product and service

  5. Predrag

    I am using Mad Hatter more on evenings, especially on my nights out. Mixing it with regular e-liquid (50/50) if I want a lighter version and more smoke (more vapor). Has a great taste (blueberry) and very, very enjoyable experience. Goes good with tequila. Awesome stuff.

  6. Herbert

    Very, very nice. No Bullshit, fast delivery, no shipping cost, Keep on the good work guys !! : )
    And if the “Indica Vape” is back, or maybe some other Cannabis flavours, that would be perfect. Thanks
    See ya Soon.

  7. nedaskan

    Labai geras ir stiprus skystis, būtina pabandyti.

  8. Juan Carlos

    Im from Spain and here its still something new, and everyone whos try it wants to repeat the expirience ! 🙈🇪🇦 its incredible

  9. Juan Carlos

    💯👌✌ great

  10. Philip W.

    I been only purchasing from these for a short while and with my experience with flight AMS I can honestly say you won’t find a better service! The products are fantastic. I highly recommend this mad hatter c liquid by far the best I had! Cheers guys keep up the great work!

  11. Abdulrahman O.

  12. Anonymous

    Nice flavours, full strength.

  13. Alex

  14. Juan Carlos Velez Anfor

  15. Abdulrahman Obaid

  16. Konstantinos

    Not for the faint of heart. The first hit sent me to another universe. I thought i was going to faint. After vomiting, everything was perfect. Relaxed and for two days, I was in a peaceful state. Not for first timers.

  17. Anonymous

    obviously gets you head high just wish it got my body feeling good too a little more… but defly more liquid in the bottles i smoke it couple times and its already low

  18. Anonymous

  19. Anonymous

  20. Anonymous

    Goed ma nie zo lekker van smaak

  21. Anonymous

  22. Kaponi22

    The last 2 Orders looks like the same liquid Black Diamond its works perflectly i dont know im just experimenting…😅

  23. Kaponi22


  24. Juan Carlos V.

    Real thing !

  25. Yves

    God modus

  26. Adam B.

    Excellent product and does the job you buy it for. Will keep ordering till I can’t order anymore. Thanks for many swift transactions

  27. kaj.leijten

    This stuff is great, really trippy high and relaxing. The strongest I have tried jet.

  28. Anonymous

  29. Kaj L.

    Mad hatter is the best liquid in EU. Flight AMS is the best shop, all of their products are the very best and their service is the fastest in europe.

  30. Suriya

    Strongest oil in the Europe, they don’t lie with the caption.

  31. mohamed hejazi

  32. Markus

    Great Stuff very Strong Great Service top shop

  33. Anonymous

    Really good takes you 35000 ft

  34. juicelord

    This is the legit stuff. ordered and it came by the end of the week.
    tried alot of the other c liquid available and can honestly say flightams has the best out there.
    Good customer service
    Discreet fast shipping
    Premium product 10/10 will be ordering from here from now on

  35. Tom Prosser

    The real thing, awesome product, great company, brilliant communication, desreet fast shipping, 10/10

  36. William Stewart

    Great products and fast service

  37. James

    Great product one of best I’ve tried send you flying get buying

  38. Anonymous

    It’s wonderful 😊 Don’t use too many drops, though! 😎

  39. Anonymous

  40. Anonymous

    Excellent head high

  41. Ed Shipley

    Never received my item nor has there been any movement on tracking for 10 days now and my item was to be delivered within that time.. I’ve emailed them twice and messaged them on facebook also still no response.. so order at own risk it’s 98% positive reviews which made me confident but seems like I’m the only one to get scammed 90 bucks gone down the drain..

  42. Nicolò

    Best liquid in europe

  43. Anonymous

    Very Good

  44. david.rodriguez

    Realy good expirience. 🔥🔥

  45. Hussain Sheibani

  46. alex930075

    Premier test c’est vraiment pas des lol a ne pas mettre entre tte les mains

  47. Matas G.

    Very strong and good

  48. Anonymous

    Mad Hatter is the best aroma available.

  49. Anonymous

    Great communication. Speedy delivery and i’m in Asia. Product is exactly as advertised. Lifts the stress right off your shoulders and puts you in a relaxed peaceful state. Recommend 5 stars

  50. Graeme C.

  51. al wallace

  52. Youri J.

    Amazing product!

  53. Kristian


  54. darinmikel

    My review is not just for the product which is great in itself, but the service and customer service was awesome. Then the shipping ended up being earlier than we thought and you will get blessed going through these guys…..

    Thank you flight and!!!

  55. sjoerd ijzereef

    the most relaxing and the only vape that ever relaxed me

  56. darinmikel

    Absolutely awesome service and products! I haven’t had the first issue with these guys and have been completely satisfied with all products and for s of business. I will solely continue to shop with Flight AMS and am so happy to have finally found a site that’s not a scam and actually care about their customers and their reputation.
    Thank you guys for everything!
    I’m about to order again today lol. I’ll email as soon as I have it ready

  57. Rokas

  58. omair c.

    Very nice

  59. darinmikel

    Again, ok did it with no problem. Delivery two days early for the second time plus the courrier is in touch with me always experience all around for me both times.
    5 star customer service!!!
    Thank you guys,
    Pleased customer.

  60. Cafer A.

  61. steven a.

    Bit stronger than dry balls , but very very nice , relax your mind 💥💥💥💥💥

  62. Anonymous

    Very good taste Amazing high

  63. Kieran H.

    This stuff was amazing. shame about the amount you get, but highly recommend you try this. my group of mates including me say “1 puff is enough”
    struck gold with this site. thanks flight ams for your amazing product and service

  64. Alisonmowat66

    I can’t rate flightams enough. I am new to page after supply issues with another (British) supplier. I will not return to previous supplier. Flightams products are better quality, cheaper and delivery quicker. I ordered 9 am yesterday and my product just arrived 1pm next day. The team have helped me work out a few things I was struggling with(I’m rubbish with IT.) Would/Will highly recommend

  65. talbot.ciaran

    Wow, I did not expect how good it would be. I’ve tested one or two non-synthetic vape liquids before, but this was different. The effect is INSTANT, less than 10 seconds after the first hit I already had to find a place to sit down. I’ll definitely get some again!

  66. darinmikel

    Another order, great again…that makes 4. These guys and their products are on point. This vape is my favorite so far. Great taste too. Def a must try.

    Thanks flight ams!!

  67. steven

    Crazy stuff (love it)

  68. Anonymous

    Good produict, discret delivery

  69. Cafer A.


  70. Shaun Peoples

  71. Kieran Harkus

    This product is amazing to use for any situation. Helps me get off to sleep and relax. Great taste highly recommend!

  72. Serkan Akyurek

  73. Hussain Sheibani

    Hahah I love to way or the het in the head nice baz

  74. Cafer Akincay

  75. Kamal

    Amazing taste!

  76. Hussain Sheibani

  77. Dylan Aubert

    excellent taste and effect, less watery would be good tho

  78. Ilari Järvinen

  79. Ahmed H.


  80. Shaun Peoples

    This and black diamond are the strongest all round a think!,, 👌

  81. Anonymous

    Very nice and very effective

  82. siras564

    Very trippy, very nice and effective, will order again for sure.

  83. Anonymous

  84. Shaun Peoples

  85. Sam12

    Best place to buy vape liquid! And the staff were so helpful and amazing! Ill definitely order more soon!

  86. Mantas

    Good stuff fast delivery. Must try

  87. Hussain Sheibani

    This product is amazing to use for any situation. Helps me get off to sleep and relax. Great taste highly recommend!

  88. Hussain Sheibani

    will its boooom give you the thing as your here and not here and its give you old school thing view.

  89. Anonymous

  90. merter çelik

    simply unstoppable like a wild horse but a total sense of freedom I would definitely recommend thanks flight ams

  91. shaun peoples

    This site has got to be the most GENUINE,, HONEST and The BEST site online all of their products are Amazing….

    This is a lovely taststy liquid and very very strong

  92. Matthew

    Strong, effective c-liquid – highly recommended.

  93. Justin case

  94. Anonymous

    Very Good!

  95. Vedran

    The bottles leaked into the package during delivery. They were empty when I opened them.

  96. Martin N.

    Not bad. These have great service!

  97. Nick

    Flight Ams are the best company on the internet! Outstanding customer service, the best quality products there are, and super fast delivery! Every order I’ve made has Even come with some free samples! You can trust flight Ams 100%, only place I will shop. Don’t have any doubts about ordering from them, you will not be disappointed!

  98. Kevin Brearley

    Good stuff👍

  99. Turahn

    Perfect score! Mixed about 5 drops into 1/2 full vape juice and. 1-2 puffs and I was ripped for about an hour! I love it!! Movies or music and food will be your best friend lol.. pure awesomeness!But yeahhh start with one puff first, it’s very potent! Got my self in a lil trouble. Being tooo high is scary which we all know by now lol. This is my favorite. Black diamond is right behind it. I plan to try dry balls next. I will leave an comment when I try it.. Flight Ams is awesome!! Better than any place I’ve shopped from here in USA! Good job guys.

  100. Anonymous

    Really amazing clean stuff also shipping and package are well done professional

  101. Shaun Peoples

    Brilliant but comes to crystally at times

  102. Mantas

    Fast delivery good team 🙂

  103. Anonymous

  104. Matthew J.

    The best c-liquid available. 5*

  105. Jacklyn B.

    Very good and relaxing

  106. Cory Bates

    This liquid had a great taste at first and honestly it really hit the spot for me. However after a few goes it burnt my cart. I had several different brands/types of empty carts, all of which I have used many times before. This juice was burnt on the lowest setting on 3 different devices in every cart I tried it in within an hour. I’ve been using these devices faithfully for months. 2/5 because it was actually pleasant for the first 30 mins. 0/5 because I feel like I wasted my money on garbage that I literally threw in the garbage.

  107. dawid3920

    Lovely tasting c-liquid. Got this as a free sample with my order. Nice strong relaxing buzz 😀

  108. Anonymous

  109. Charles Foster

    Still Have not received the order

  110. Sascha Nirschl

  111. markus.schmitt2211

    very good liquid
    taste is very good
    I can recommend it

  112. Anonymous

    its good after a long day at work

  113. Matthew J.

    Very nice c-liquid, 5* effects

  114. Anonymous

  115. eddie-drew-09

    Potent as love it

  116. Anonymous

  117. Nick Smith

    Love this stuff! Awesome c-liquid, very strong and a bit trippy, take it easy if new to c-liquids this stuff is potent! FlightAMS are the best, top quality products, outstanding customer service and super fast delivery. You will not be disappointed! Give flightAMS a try you will never go elsewhere 😁

  118. jakejackal2017

    Very good c-liquids. FlightAMS amazing service and very fast delivery 👍👍😁😁

  119. nasos.dimitriou

    Excellent product and amazing service. It’s as good as advertised and even exceeded my expectations. You guys got your self a new steady customer. I will most surely be ordering again very soon. Keep up the good work!

  120. almoamar11

    The best product I have used that is so very cool that takes you out into another world👍🧠

  121. aggeloskouts

    Very nice 👍🏼

  122. blatatune200

    Very good and very strong, try and feel what you have never felt before in life, i recommend to everyone. AMAZING!!

  123. mtmtmt

    1a Ware !

  124. mtmtmt

    der etwas andere gute flash im gegensatz zu indica.
    ich habe bisher mehrere geschmacksrichtungen probiert und ich finde alle echt lecker
    das Zeug ist echt geil man kann sich richtig abschiessen bei 50 watt aber wenn man es ordentlich mit normalen liquid misccht auch was alltagtaugliches machen
    versand nach deutschland von versand bis erhalt 1 tag , davor 2 , 1 tag ist geil , hab mich gefreut

  125. bowe89declan

    Never disappointed wit this store,its the best and they really look after there customers, unlike other stores,once again a product that is of quality, mad hatter is the one fr me,highly recommended

  126. gloogle28

    Well this vape is really incredibly good. Highly recommended from me. The best online store @FlightAMS Awesome in general !

  127. udo.hemminger

    Einfach der Hammer mehr muß man nicht sagen

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