Today, the variety of cannabis forms is astonishing, ranging from vape juices and sublingual tinctures to soaps and edibles. This expansion offers a wide array of consumption methods beyond the traditional practice of smoking, reflecting a significant evolution in the use of cannabis and similar substances.

The history of cannabis use reveals a gradual shift from ancient consumption methods to the modern use of vaporizers and bongs. Initially, the psychoactive effects of cannabis were discovered accidentally by ancient humans burning the plant’s twigs. This led to the intentional burning of cannabis as incense, a practice supported by archaeological findings, such as incense burner pots with burnt hemp seeds dating back over 5000 years.

The practice of consuming cannabis evolved further with the use of tobacco pipes, introduced in the 15th century. This method spread globally, becoming a popular means of cannabis consumption. Additionally, cannabis has been consumed in food, drinks, and hand-rolled joints, with the latter remaining popular to this day.

The 1960s saw the introduction of modern bongs or water pipes, symbolizing freedom and protest against cannabis prohibition in the US. These devices filter and condition cannabis smoke, offering a more pleasant smoking experience. Vaporizers have also gained popularity for their convenience and enjoyable use.

The narrative of legal highs, while shorter than that of cannabis, is similarly fascinating. These synthetic cannabis products, developed less than two decades ago for research purposes, have become popular for delivering effects akin to those of marijuana. The legality of these substances in many jurisdictions has contributed to their widespread use, either smoked in hand-rolled joints or consumed as herbal tea and edibles.

People enjoy legal highs for the relaxation, euphoria, and heightened awareness they provide. Although potential side effects such as hallucinations and anxiety exist, they can generally be mitigated by consuming moderate amounts.

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