Canada has recently taken a bold step by becoming the second nation worldwide to officially allow the use of recreational cannabis, following Uruguay’s lead. This landmark decision enables the sale and consumption of recreational marijuana across the country.

The move towards legalization marks a significant milestone, championed by advocates for marijuana use and some of Canada’s key political figures, including Prime Minister Trudeau. The decision is seen as setting a precedent that could influence other countries, especially in the Western World, to consider a similar approach towards marijuana.

In the United States, cannabis laws vary by state due to the autonomy states have in regulating marijuana use. Currently, recreational marijuana has been decriminalized in ten states, including Vermont, DC, Washington State, Oregon, Nevada, Massachusetts, Maine, Colorado, California, and Alaska. Despite federal restrictions on the recreational use of marijuana, efforts are underway to change this, as demonstrated by the Marijuana Freedom and Opportunity bill proposed by Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer. This bill aims to declassify marijuana as a controlled substance and regulate its recreational sale and consumption, suggesting a future where marijuana could be legally used across the US.

Globally, several jurisdictions have decriminalized marijuana, allowing its recreational use. Uruguay led the way in 2013, making history as the first country to legalize cannabis. Spain, South Africa, Peru, and the Netherlands have also adopted more liberal cannabis laws, reflecting a growing trend towards the decriminalization and legalization of the herb.

The future looks promising for marijuana legalization, with countries like France, Luxembourg, Italy, and Lebanon considering changes to their cannabis laws. These changes aim to reduce law enforcement resources spent on minor offenses, increase government revenue through regulation and taxation, and permit the use of marijuana for medical purposes.

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