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Can you smoke noids in a vape pen?

2024-04-01T20:17:11+00:00Feb, 3, 2022|

The short answer to this question is yes, but at 20-30 watts of power or 200 degrees Celcius/390 Fahrenheit*[1]*[2], which is lower than many operate on their default setting. Vape pens are generally designed to vaporize nicotine or sometimes THC so it requires a bit of adjustment to work for other cannabinoids. Operating at this nice and low power setting is important because if you overheat noids they produce toxic byproducts from combustion like cyanide and other carcinogens.*[3] In general you want to use the lowest temperature and wattage that will still evaporate your product as this will produce the minimum amount of burnt product and therefore the minimum amount of carcinogens from combustion. A setting as low as 10-15 watts will work for many noids*[4] though the majority will vaporize efficiently at between 20-30 watts of power. Ok, so [...]

Which noid is best?

2022-01-07T12:24:56+00:00Jan, 7, 2022|

While the answer does somewhat depend on what you define as the best, in the noid class there are hundreds of options and each one comes with various positive and negative features. I’ve decided to discuss the safest, the most euphoric, the most sedating, longest lasting, best of the new noids and the most common to help give would-be psychonaut spice fiends a starting point for their research. Generally speaking the older the noid the more its pharmacological properties have been studied and are understood as well as the more anecdotal evidence there is available for its benefits, its safety or its unusual dangers. That said, the older ones tend to come with legal risk due to many governments having identified them as potential drugs of abuse and adding them to their anti-drug policies and laws. Almost all synthetic cannabinoids [...]

How do I avoid getting scammed when purchasing herbal incenses and C-Liquid online?

2024-03-19T16:02:24+00:00Nov, 10, 2021|

Before 2016 this was an easier question to answer, simply put you could search for a social media website like Reddit’s r/drugs or r/noids and the name of the company and product you were interested in and would be given a long list of posts about that company’s interactions with their user base. This allowed for a thorough evaluation of each research chemical website and for users to make informed purchases. However, in 2016 there was a sudden purge due to the belief that ‘fake news’ articles were having a significant impact on the election, with regulators generally believing that fake news assisted Donald Trump in winning the 2016 election.*[1] Social media giants such as Facebook and Google wanted to avoid regulation so decided to regulate themselves to prevent clumsy government interference on their platforms.*[2] A part of this change [...]

What’s going on with the Dutch Research Chemical ban?

2024-02-13T18:40:01+00:00Oct, 9, 2021|

Drug Mecca is under siege, but there’s still time to save her. The government of the Netherlands has decided to pursue a ban of novel psychoactive substances in response to pressure from the UN to crack down on this still legal market where users currently buy k2 spice online as well as other forms of synthetic cannabis often labelled as fake weed or herbal incense/herbal vape liquid, c-liquid or kronic vape juice.* When these chemicals are sold for research purposes rather than for use in humans they bypass laws geared at preventing the sale of psychoactive drugs and provide a safe source of pure product for savvy drug users. The geriatric drug-warrior politicians of the 80s and 90s find this unacceptable and wish to try to regulate a market they don’t remotely understand. Currently, lobby groups are mobilizing to attempt [...]

Where to get Noids?/Where to buy Noids?

2024-02-13T18:41:23+00:00Sep, 30, 2021|

The answer to this question used to be much simpler. In the past, synthetic cannabinoids, often sold as noids, spice, K2 and C-liquid were sold at gas stations, head shops, and online regularly in the USA, Canada, and the EU. Now with the recent Chinese cannabinoid ban and Western governments beginning to run a propaganda campaign and clamping down on synthetic cannabinoids, we see these products drying up. The COVID-19 pandemic induced a cannabis shortage, which has already driven a spike in synthetic cannabis use in Europe.* What will happen when the shortage caused by the Chinese ban on synthetic cannabinoids causes the supply of the safer, more well-known synthetic cannabinoids to run out? Cannabinoid shops’ supplies are already beginning to run low as the hunt for new suppliers continues. Many of them fear this shortage is going to push [...]

تاريخ القنب الاصطناعي

2021-09-21T18:11:42+00:00Sep, 21, 2021|

  مقدمة الحرب على المخدرات كانت و مازالت قاسية على القنب و مستخدميه. من األفضل فهم أحد .أكبر األضرار ، من باب المجاملة للحرب على المخدرات ، من الناحية االقتصادية السلوكية عندما تكون هناك حاجة إلخفاء البضائع لشحنها بأمان ، يصبح من المربح شحن كمية أكثر تركي ًزا ولكن اقل من البضائع التي تشحن بكميات كبيرة ألن المزيد من شحناتك من المرجح أن .تجعلها تتجاوز الجمارك وإنفاذ القانون عمليات التفتيش إلى دار سينما بدالً فكر في محاولة ادخال برميل من البيرة خلسة من زجاجة فودكا في حقيبتك .عندها يمكنك البدء في فهم المشكلة التي تواجه مهربي المخدرات لوحظ هذا ألول مرة أثناء الحظر عندما بدأت الخمور القوية في استبدال البيرة والنبيذ كمشروب [1]*.مفضل في الواليات المتحدة الجانب اآلخر من هذا هو أنه إذا جعلت بيع سلعة ما غير قانوني ولكن ال تستبدلها بشيء معادل فإن الطلب في السوق س ويخلق [...]

Synthetic Cannabinoid History

2024-02-13T18:39:56+00:00Sep, 1, 2021|

  Introduction The war on drugs has been hard on cannabis and cannabis users, this was deliberate. One of the major harms, courtesy of the war on drugs, is best understood on behavioural economic terms. When there is a need to conceal goods to ship them safely, it becomes more lucrative to ship a more concentrated, but smaller amount of goods than to ship large quantities because more of your shipments will be more likely to make it past customs and law enforcement inspections. Think of trying to sneak a barrel of beer into a movie theatre as opposed to a bottle of vodka in your purse and you can begin to understand the problem facing drug smugglers. This was first noticed during prohibition when hard liquor began to replace beer and wine as a drink of choice in the [...]

هل تقدمون عينات مجانية

2021-08-01T05:26:16+00:00Aug, 1, 2021|

قطعا! غالبًا ما يتم تقديم عينات مجانية مع الطلبيات لمنح العمالء فرصة لتجربة المنتجات القادمة والحصول على رد فعل (feedback) حول المنتجات الجديدة التي يحبها العمالء. و تعتبر العينات المجانية ، التي يتم تضمينها عادةً مع الطلبيات ، مهمة لموردي المواد الكيميائية الخاضعة للبحث(chemical research) و مواد القنب االصطناعي(noids) ألن العينات تتيح فرصة للحصول على تعليقات (feedback) حول مواد القنب االصطناعي الجديدة و كذلك المواد الكيميائية الخاضعة للبحث و مواد ذات تأثير نفساني اخرى هذا مشابه للطريقة التي ستحاول بها معظم متاجر البيع بالتجزئة القيام بعروض صغيرة لمنتج جديد ومعرفة كيف تسير األمور قبل االلتزام بعملية شراء كبيرة ، أو لطريقة اعطاء المخبز عينات مجانية من بسكويت جديد يجربونه قبل جعله ميزة عادية في قائمتهم. في الظروف العادية ، غالبًا ما يقوم المورد بتضمين حزمة مكافأة صغيرة ، وعادة ما تكون كافية لالستخدام الفردي ، جنبًا إلى جنب مع طلب [...]

Do you give away free incense samples?

2024-02-13T18:39:23+00:00Jul, 22, 2021|

Absolutely! Free samples are often provided with orders to give customers a chance to try up-and coming products and to get feedback on which new products customers like. Free samples, which are usually included with orders, are important for research chemical and noid suppliers because samples allow an opportunity to get feedback on new and upcoming noids, research chemicals and other novel psychoactive substances. This is similar to how most retail stores will try a small display for a new product and see how it goes before committing to a larger purchase, or how a bakery will give out free samples of a new cookie they are trying out before making it a regular feature on their menu. In normal circumstances a supplier will often include a small bonus package, usually enough for a single-use, along with a regular customer’s [...]

هل سأتجاوز اختبار المخدرات؟

2021-07-02T03:01:27+00:00Jul, 1, 2021|

ان تتجاوز اختبار المخدرات او ال تتجاوزه, ذلك يعتمد على نوع المخدرات الذي كنت تتناوله. اذا كنت تستخدم القنب االصطناعي الذي هو عبارة عن نسخة معدلة قليال من المواد الكيميائية/المواد المخدرة الموجودة في نبات القنب, فمن المحتمل انك ستجتاز معظم اختبارات المخدرات بشكل جيد. هذا لن يكون ممكنا اذا كانت االختبارات مصممة خصيصا الستشعار مواد القنب االصطناعية التي استخدمتها, لكن هذا غبر وارد اال اذا كان لديهم سبب معين الستعمال هذا االختبار. مع ذلك, اذا كنت قد دخنت او تناولت مواد غذائية من الحشيش التقليدي, فيمكن اكتشافها في كل من اختبارات المخدرات المكونة من 5 لوحات و 01 لوحات. اختبار المخدرات المكون من 5 لوحات يعتبر االبسط/االرخص و المستخدم غالبا. اإلصدار االكثر شيوعا هو اختبار بول سريع و غير مكلف يستخدم من طرف الكثير من الشركات لضمان مكان عمل" خال من المخدرات "(باإلضافة الى حياة شخصية/عطلة نهاية اسبوع خالية من [...]


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